Intuitive Compass is the diverse talents of song writer and guitar pioneer, Jason Dea West taken together with old time circus freak and accordionist Aurelia Anne Cohen. Purveyors of “Original Western Folk Music” they offer a timeless sound, invoking a musical America of the past with out ever sounding dated. Their provocative lines and dynamic arrangements include elements of country blues, old-time, vintage swing,jazz, frontier balladry, instrumentals and the perpetuation of traditional folk songs.

They sing of travel, freedom, corruption, love, liberation and personal experiences. Formed in 2011 they hail from the remote wild lands of Southern Oregon. Over the years they have toured extensively, covering the lower 48 coast to coast, much of New Brunswick and Alaska. Presenting in major cities and Backwood mountain towns alike, from taverns to theaters, coffee houses to barn dances, street corners to festivals always with the essence of the nomadic soul. Their live show frequently includes some genuinely eye catching theatrics, contortion, fire, aerial acrobatics and dance numbers. Often managing 200 shows a year they have had the honor of sharing the stage with manny esteemed acts including Lost Dog Street Band,Hot Damn Scandal, The Super Saturated Sugar Strings, Lucas Hicks, Vince Herman, The Crux and countless others. Off the road they spend time with wild folk who live free with no compromises (blacksmiths, fur trappers, cowboys, vaudevillians, buskers, farmers, medicine men & women and other troubadours).

From someplace else, yet quite firmly here and now get yer mind a wonderin’, spirit a -wanderin’and feet a movin’… 


Born in Wisconsin, Jason Dea West made his way to the west coast where he recorded his first album at Slogan Music in Los Angeles in 2004 with Scott Hackwith at age 17. Hopping trains, hitch hiking and walking from town to town while performing as a street busker eventually took him to the Bay area where Stephen Hart found him busking on a street corner and invited him into the studio to record a few tracks in 2009 as Jason The Drifter.  Later that year he teamed up with his best friend, Benjamin Todd now of Lost Dog Street Band, and they formed the fast-climbing, bright-burning band Barefoot Surrender.  They recorded there first and only self titled album in Boulder Colorado in 2010. In December of 2017 Dea West released his first official Solo album recorded with Grammy Award winner Dennis Dragon at the Studio at Pacifica. Dea West and his current band, Intuitive Compass have recently joined Cassette LA, a music+mix house Based in LA which specializes in scoring for film.

Aurelia Anne Cohen was born in Tucson Arizona and grew up all over the state, writing songs from an early age, she trained as a dancer and aerialist before joining the world class Pyrotechnic Theater Flam Chen in 2006, where she worked as an aerialist, acrobatic stilter and fire performer. She was a founding member of Tucson Circus Arts, began working with Physical theater and acrobatic stilt company, The Carpetbag Brigade in 2007. She has performed at The International Forum of Cultures in Monterey, Mexico, at the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland and toured in Colombia.  A few highlights of her time with Flam Chen include Performing at the Greek Theater in LA for The Scream Awards for Tim Burtons award in 2007 and again for Stan Lee's in 2008, The Nines Hotel Opening in Portland, Floyd Fest in Virginia, StringCheese Incidents Finale at Horning's Hideout in 2010 and performing and directing the aerial portion of The All Souls Parade Finale from 2007-2017.